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As we grow up and transition into adulthood, we must deal with change, and the accompanying uncertainty, time after time. We must be able to deal with such change quickly and adapt well to new situations so the question becomes: how can we foster this resilience? How can children prepare for changing schools or changing...

Raising a child is hard, everyone you speak to tells you a different skill or virtue that your child must have nurtured as they grow up but there is not enough time in the day to provide for all of these so-called ‘vital’ (and often expensive) skills. We believe that drama provides many of the...

★★★★★  Big Bold Youth is the highlight of my son’s week!

“Thursdays are the favourite day of the week in our household!…My son is a happier and more confident person after each session”
Rona Burt

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FREE Digital Information Pack

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