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August 20, 20190

It’s that time of year again, school is over and the kids are home. So the annual problem for both you and your little ones is finding a good way to spend it, with it sometimes being the case that their ideas of fun results in pandemonium. Or worse, they spend the entirety of it...

It’s that time of year again, school is over and the kids are home. So the annual problem for both you and your little ones is finding a good way to spend it, with it sometimes being the case that their ideas of fun results in pandemonium. Or worse, they spend the entirety of it enthralled by the glowing screens of their devices. So what can they get up to instead?

Interactive Music

Music, something that almost everyone loves! Children especially enjoy it, from primary school students gleefully singing about “broad beans sleeping in their blankety bed” to a sixteen year old belting out the words to Old Town Road. So why not channel that love into something more interactive. For example, there is an activity that you could do with them, or they can do alone,  that is called song mixing. What this enigmatic activity entails is turning on a radio, though a playlist put on shuffle could also work, and write down the first phrase you hear before switching to another station, or  skip to the next song, to do the same. Continue station hopping until you have written down six phrases and with that fun done it’s time to move onto the really fun part; read the phrases aloud as if they were a new song before then attempting to sing your Frankensong. In October you could create playlist of songs like the Monster Mash or This is Halloween for a true Frankensong.

Another idea, that will also help nurture their creativity, would be to get them to make their own instruments. For this exciting activity you will need.

  • Three teaspoons uncooked rice
  • Dried beans
  •  Two Soda cans
  • Clear packing tape
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or stickers

With these unassuming items your children can make wonderfully unique instruments. First take the rice and place it within the empty can then remove the tab and seal the opening with clear packing tape. After that can is done an dusted put the dried beans in the other can. Try using the rice can for a lighter sound and the bean can for a louder sound. All that’s left to do is start shaking.


Learning a new language brings a plethora of benefits to those who try and there are many fun ways that will delight your little ones, there are even benefits to their language skills with their first language. Children’s minds are more suited to picking up a second language, so why not size the opportunity to teach them new skill whilst also providing them with joy. Don’t fret about your own knowledge or lack thereof, you can learn with them. What could be a more fun way for you and your little ones to spend a Summer afternoon when it’s too hot to step foot outside, or even when its pouring down outside for with our weather either on could happen, by sitting together as you endeavour to learn a fun new skill. There are so many fun ways to help children pick up a new language that neither they nor you will be bored. For example you can play games such as Dominoes, either with normal Dominoes to learn the numbers or with ones that use pictures to expand their vocabulary. They will have great fun calling out the numbers or names of pictures on both ends of the Domino they excitedly placed down. Or games like Concentration, using themed cards such as ones that bear the images of animals so as to learn the words for them. Getting your child to state out loud the words for each thing by making it part of the game, in both aforementioned games, is a fun way to imprint the words’ meaning in their minds whilst also improving their projection and enunciation for both languages.

Make Believe

How fun it is was to dress up as a child, entirely given over to fantasy as you searched your garden for buried treasure or defended the earth from a cardboard box. In our play we were nurturing our imagination alongside skills such as improvisation. A child role-playing as a powerful Mage or a skilled warrior in a video game is experiencing the modern version of playing dress up  but you as parent want them to get fresh air, exercise, and to give their eyes a break. So what are you to do? Well you could try to guide them back to the dress up of youth with games. For example, you could make a treasure hunt for them and then tell them to dress up as a character and pretend to be them as they pursue the treasure. This will get them moving about and get them to go outside, whilst the role-play will keep them engaged and help nurture their imaginations. The clues you give them can also help improve their critical thinking skills, nurturing their young minds and the best bit about this activity is that you can leave them to it, so if on Saturday you know you going to busy on Sunday you can prepare the treasure hunt in advance.

Groups, Clubs, and Workshops

Perhaps you have to work or simply have no time one day but, as much as you love your children there are times where you need to have someone else look after them.  If you simply need to ensure children are looked after for a day a workshop, such as those we provide, will keep your children well looked after whilst also providing them with a chance to learn, in a fun way, a new skill or nurture their preexisting talents. It will not be like you dropped them of at school, a workshop will provide them with a day fun activities not some set of tedious tasks and they will help nurture their burgeoning social skills, as they mix with a new set children: our workshops cater to children from six to eighteen so even if your little one already attends a class they will still get to meet new people.

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