From singing to dancing, gymnastics to drama.

There are and will always be 100s of clubs to choose from for your kids to enjoy. Although we might be a tad biased, here are our top 5 reasons to join your local drama groups:

1) Confidence

Wherever life takes you, confidence is key in every aspect of it. Whatever the scenario, we all encounter moments of shyness. From delivering a speech to the hundreds to making new friends in a new class, drama is all about expression and giving yourself the freedom to explore new things, taking centre stage and potentially performing for an audience of thousands. Through group warm-up games, as well as improvisation, drama springboards students into gaining confidence right from the start.

2) Coordination & Listening Skills

It’s imperative as human beings that we listen to others, no matter who’s talking. Acting involves listening and reacting, and as a result, gives students the ability to analyse what others are saying and their own reactions to those thoughts. Furthermore, a physical warm-up during every drama class not only prepares students for the exercises ahead but over time improves their ability to co-ordinate. Whether it’s avoiding conflict or simply becoming more aware of your surroundings, drama will open your children’s eyes and ears to the world around them.

3) Speech

Potentially one of the biggest and most noteworthy benefits of joining a local drama activity is the improvement of speech, also linked to confidence building. Through vocal warm-ups, students will become more aware of how to use their voice on stage and as a result, improve their clarity in day to day life.

4) Friendships

Joining a drama activity can be both fun and nerve-wracking, particularly if you don’t know anyone. But rest assured, you will make plenty of long-lasting friendships along the way. A big element within drama is ensemble building. This is the idea of acting together as a group, rather than individually. You never know, you might just find your best friend for life!

5) Imagination

It is believed that kids spend nearly 70% of their time in non-reality and that is why drama classes are great for harnessing that energy. Consequently, students can sometimes fully believe that they are on the run from a T-Rex in the Jurassic or sailing the ocean as a team of pirates. By nurturing this ability, drama helps develop the student’s imagination and creativity as time goes on.

5 of our top reasons – hundreds of other benefits. Drama, like any art form, is a great way to not only have fun but learn new and important life-skills.

At Big Bold Youth, we understand that joining a local drama group can be a big decision, both financially and logistically. That’s why we aim to make all our activities affordable and accessible, as part of our not-for-profit mission. Starting at just £4.99 per session, we offer free trials for all new students and 50% off for siblings. Plus, all our teachers are professional actors, Enhance DBS checked, trained in First Aid, child protection and Special Educational Needs.

Find your local classes today. Want to learn more about what we do? Click here to check out our FAQs or give us a call on 01908 086 015.

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