Our Mission


Our mission is to provide drama activities for young people that are both affordable and accessible across the UK. We believe that drama is an integral part of a child’s education, and can provide invaluable life skills which are transferable regardless of what career path you take.

Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, prices are rising for services are rising while wages are struggling to keep up. Children love drama. They always have and always will. For a family with three kids on a lower income, paying out £750 upfront for their children to enjoy drama for a few hours per week is a large commitment. This is why we not only look provide scholarships and free places where possible, but our fees (regardless of your income) start at just £4.99 per session. That’s just £180 for the full year. Plus, we offer 50% off for siblings.

We are also receiving an increasing number of calls regarding other activity providers struggling to accomodate students with disabilities. Part of our ethos is that every child should have the opportunity to study drama, regardless of any disabilities. This is why we work with parents to accomodate every student and train all our staff in Special Educational Needs. You can find more on accessibility here.

As a not-for-profit, we rely on the support of both the public and businesses to help us grow and provide even more young people with the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of drama. Help us today with a small donation.