Every performing arts school has a different method of teaching drama, and every class offers a different experience. But what does a drama class with Big Bold Youth entail?


Big Bold Youth was founded with the goal of creating a platform for young people to enjoy drama activities that are both affordable and accessible while ensuring that our teaching is of the highest quality. Our classes are all based on a framework, developed to make sure that our students receive a balanced education; however, our activities are customised with our students in mind.

Almost all of our classes begin with a short warm-up of fun games to both energise our students and to get them working together as an ensemble. From this, students then work on various improvisational exercises in groups, ranging from creating short scenes to working on mime and puppetry. Each class works on a new project each term, including short stories, plays and devised work, which students work on for the final part of the session. Our projects encourage students to take all the skills to learn during the term and put them into practice.

Our classes are great for not only improving in the dramatic sense but also providing young people with confidence and co-ordination/listening skills, essentials in both their formal education and future careers.

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