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Drama is fun, exciting and character building. But how and why do our students boost confidence through drama?  In 2017, a new student joined one of our weekly drama classes for a free taster session. She was shy, reserved and very nervous about joining the group. Two years later and she is filled with energy,...

We are living in a society obsessed with performativity, with statistics, testing, grades and goals. A society that no longer leaves room in the curriculum for creative subjects such as drama which are not necessary for attaining good grades. Education has reduced knowledge to learning by rote so what can we do to ensure our...

As we grow up and transition into adulthood, we must deal with change, and the accompanying uncertainty, time after time. We must be able to deal with such change quickly and adapt well to new situations so the question becomes: how can we foster this resilience? How can children prepare for changing schools or changing...

Raising a child is hard, everyone you speak to tells you a different skill or virtue that your child must have nurtured as they grow up but there is not enough time in the day to provide for all of these so-called ‘vital’ (and often expensive) skills. We believe that drama provides many of the...

Confidence building The Summer break is the longest holiday for most children. And for parents, it can be the most difficult to fill! But have you ever considered a holiday drama workshop? We believe that drama provides countless transferable skills, all of which can and will be used at some point in a student’s life....

Cholate. Chocolate. And more chocolate. Easter can mean something different to each and everyone of us. And as schools begin to prepare for the holidays, you’ve probably already put together a list of activities for your kids to enjoy during their time off. But have you ever considered a holiday drama workshop? Confidence building We...

★★★★★  Big Bold Youth is the highlight of my son’s week!

“Thursdays are the favourite day of the week in our household!…My son is a happier and more confident person after each session”
Rona Burt

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