Can drama be affordable?

Every performing arts school or education provider is different. And as such, prices vary between each and every one of them. We believe that no-one should be denied the right to experience drama and understand that affordability is a major obstacle for many families and students. As a not-for-profit, our aim is to keep our activities as affordable as possible, without compromising the quality of our sessions. Instead of charging parents a three-figure fee upfront, we like to keep our prices within the double-figure category and give everyone the option of paying monthly.

We know that having more than one child can be a logistical nightmare with multiple activities and interests, so the last thing we want is to make it a financial nightmare. That’s why we offer 50% off for siblings. Every student who joins us has a different level of experience, and if this is the first time you’ve experienced drama, you might be a little nervous. All our classes offer free trials for students, giving them the chance to try us out with no obligation to continue.

As well as offering activities that are affordable and accessible, we also ensure that we keep students safe. All our staff are Enhanced DBS checked by us – we never accept previous checks (unless on the update service). We always have two members of teaching staff for each activity who are trained in child protection and Special Educational Needs. On top of this, all our teachers are First Aid trained.

What about the content? Each term, we develop a specification which our teaching staff follow and adapt, giving students the best possible experience across the board. From improvisation to plays, our students receive a full range of training while having great fun at the same time.

Find your local class today or call us on 01908 086 015 to book a free trial.

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