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Joining a drama class or workshop is an exciting time. We are always asked various questions about the activities that we provide and to make it easier, we have put together a list of the most common questions. If you have a question that isn’t related to the below FAQs, give us a call on 01908 086 015 or email enquiries@bigboldyouth.org.uk.
What ages do you teach?

We have weekly drama classes and holiday workshops available for ages 6-18. These are split into the following age groups: 6-10, 10-14 and 14-18. We also provide educational workshops to schools across the country starting at 4+.

Do you offer free trials for your weekly classes?

Of course! We understand that for students who’ve never experience drama before, it can be an exciting but also nervous time. Therefore, we offer all new students free trials for our weekly drama classes.

How much do your activities cost?

Our weekly drama classes start at just £5.50 per session after your free trial and our holiday workshops start at £16.00. We also offer a monthly payment option as well as 50% off for siblings!

Can I spread my payments?

Definitely. As a not-for-profit, our mission is to make our activities as affordable as possible. Therefore, parents can choose to either pay termly or monthly. There are no additional fees or hidden charges.

How many activities do you run and for how long?

Our weekly classes range from 60-100 minutes while our holiday workshops range from 3-6 hours. Our educational workshops in schools are completely customisable and therefore can range from 60 minutes to a full week!

What does my child have to wear?

Each of our schools has it’s own uniform which students should wear to each class; however, for free trials and workshop students, we would recommend they wear comfortable clothes that can move in (e.g. joggers and a t-shirt). Skinny jeans and flip-flops are not advisable.

What happens if we can’t make a class or workshop?

If you’re attending one of our weekly drama classes, we are not able to offer refunds for non-attendance; however, we can offer refunds for our holiday workshops with more than 72 hours notice.

How much notice do I need to give if we want to cancel?

For our weekly drama classes, we ask that parents give us 4 weeks written notice. If we are towards the beginning of a term, a refund will be made according to the number classes left at the end of the 4 week notice period. This is to ensure we have time to fill their spots! For our holiday workshops, all we ask for is 72 hours notice for a full refund to be processed.

Who are your teachers and how do you recruit them?

We only employ professional actors to teach our students, as this gives them the best possible experience in our classes and workshops! All staff and volunteers go through a safer recruitment process, which includes background checks such as an Enhanced DBS as well as a requirement for references. After this, they are then trained in child protection, Special Educational Needs as well as drama teaching skills.

How do I know how my son or daughter is getting on?

Our teaching teams always aim to give verbal feedback on how your son or daughter is doing where possible; however, if you ever want more feedback, please don’t hesitate to in touch with our Head Office who will arrange a callback at a time that is convenient for you.

What my child benefit from joining one of your activities?

We believe that drama provides countless transferable skills, all of which can and will be used at some point in a student’s life. Even if drama isn’t necessarily their favourite subject at school, it can give them an opportunity to express themselves freely and connect with others. Here are some of our favourite benefits to be gained:


Wherever life takes you, confidence is key in every aspect of it. Whatever the scenario, we all encounter moments of shyness. From delivering a speech to the hundreds to making new friends in a new class, drama is all about expression and giving yourself the freedom to explore new things, taking centre stage and potentially performing for an audience of thousands. Through group warm up games, as well as improvisation, drama springboards students into gaining confidence right from the start.

Coordination & Listening Skills

It’s imperative as human beings that we listen to others, no matter who’s talking. Acting involves listening and reacting. As a result, it gives students the ability to analyse what others are saying and their own reactions to those thoughts. Furthermore, a physical warm up during every drama class not only prepares students for the exercises ahead, but over time improves their ability to co-ordinate. Whether it’s avoiding conflict or simply becoming more aware of your surroundings, drama will open your children’s eyes and ears to the world around them.


Potentially one of the biggest and most noteworthy benefits of joining a local drama activity is the improvement of speech, also linked to confidence building. Through vocal warm ups, students will become more aware of how to use their voice on stage and as a result, improve their clarity in day to day life.


Joining a drama activity can be both fun and nerve-wracking, particularly if you don’t know anyone. But rest assured, you will make plenty of long-lasting friendships along the way. A big element within drama is ensemble building. This is the idea of acting together as a group, rather than individually. You never know, you might just find your best friend for life!


It is believed that kids spend nearly 70% of their time in non-reality and that is why drama classes are great for harnessing that energy. Consequently, students can sometimes fully believe that they are on the run from a T-Rex in the Jurassic or sailing the ocean as a team of pirates. By nurturing this ability, drama helps develop the student’s imagination and creativity as time goes on.

What policies do you have in place to keep your students safe?

We have various policies in place to protect our students including our Safeguarding Policy. All team members, including those at our Head Office, are trained in child protection and Special Educational Needs. Furthermore, there is always a team member on site who is First Aid trained.

Why is Big Bold Youth so much more affordable compared to other performing arts schools?

Each performing arts school offers something different for it’s students. For us, our core values are creating affordable and accessible drama activities for young people, by limiting our spending on marketing and administration costs. We always ensure that each activity has two members of staff who are Enhanced DBS checked and are trained in child protection. Furthermore, our teachers are always first aid trained, ensuring your son or daughter is in safe hands.

I can't find a class near me. Can I request a new location?

Sure, email suggestions@bigboldyouth.org.uk or give us a call on 01908 086 015

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

Absolutely, we offer 50% off for all siblings! So even if you have five children who attend our activities, you’ll get 50% for four of them.

My son or daugther has a disability. Can they still attend?


100%. We were founded with a mission to provide affordable and accessible drama activities for kids. Therefore, no matter what disability your son or daughter has, our teaching teams are always on hand to allow all children to attend our activities. If you have any concerns regarding this, feel free to give us a call on 01908 086 015 and a member of the team will be happy to help!


Still got questions?

Call us on 01908 086 015 or email enquiries@bigboldyouth.org.uk

★★★★★  Big Bold Youth is the highlight of my son’s week!

“Thursdays are the favourite day of the week in our household!…My son is a happier and more confident person after each session”
Rona Burt

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