Drama is fun, exciting and character building. But how and why do our students boost confidence through drama? 

boost confidence - drama classes for kids

In 2017, a new student joined one of our weekly drama classes for a free taster session. She was shy, reserved and very nervous about joining the group. Two years later and she is filled with energy, confidence and has taken the lead in multiple performance projects. The difference between when she first joined and now is incredible and particularly rewarding for our teaching team to watch.

As children, we have very few inhibitions. Drama gives young people the chance to express themselves in a safe and friendly environment. From pretending to be someone else to standing in front of an audience and projecting your voice, our students are consonantly growing in confidence throughout every class and workshop.

Wherever life takes you, confidence is key in every aspect of it. Whatever the scenario, we all encounter moments of shyness. From delivering a speech to the hundreds to making new friends in a new class, drama is all about expression and giving yourself the freedom to explore new things, taking centre stage and potentially performing for an audience of thousands. Through group warm up games, as well as improvisation, drama springboards students into gaining confidence right from the start.

At Big Bold Youth, we understand that joining a new drama group can be a big decision. That’s why offer free trials for all new students, 50% off for siblings and a monthly payment option for parents.

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