The Importance of Keeping Connected with Online Drama Classes!

In these strange times that we are all living in, it’s important that we all find an anchor of normalcy to keep us grounded such as with keeping up routines. It’s equally important for us to take time to enjoy ourselves whilst we remain in our homes and to seek out novelty; that’s why at Big Bold Youth the team have been working around the clock to launch our new Virtual Drama Platform, so that our drama classes can continue during this period. This not only provides our students with an anchor of normalcy but also a chance to learn new skills.

Just because we are stuck indoors doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life! But don’t worry, this not going to be another “Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Time in Lockdown” article. Instead, we are going to explore the benefits behind taking part in online drama classes.

Whilst we are all asked to remain inside our homes, we must, for the sake of our mental health, seek out ways to stay connected. From students who are attending our online drama classes to our office team managing the Virtual Drama Platform, as an organisation we have been using Zoom to stay connected for the past couple of weeks.

Aside from the obvious benefits, this has also meant that students have been able to maintain social connections with their friends.

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Running our drama classes online has been a fantastic experience so far – our mission has always been to provide affordable and accessible drama activities for kids and we are committed to doing this through what can only be described as an extremely challenging time for the world.

Humans are very much built to be social and the world has come to be thankful that we have the technology to keep in contact with our friends and family. Some people would say that social media will never compare to “real life” interaction; however, it has been vital in the past couple of weeks for staying in contact, something we have all grown to appreciate.

Until 17th March 2020, Big Bold Youth CIC led regular drama classes for young people aged 6-18 across the UK, with over 100 weekly enrolments. Over the past couple of weeks, the team have managed to bring all these classes online for our students to enjoy. Each class lasts 30 minutes with only four students per session for our group classes and two students per session for our LAMDA classes.

Taught by professional actors, students benefit from gaining confidence, having fun, making friends and learning all the skills used in drama. Plus (and we’re sure you’ll agree) it gives mums and dads across the country a well deserved break!

Just from just £5 per week, every class is a new experience for our students! Even though our classes have gone digital, they still involve a huge amount of fun, education and movement. All our group classes involve a quick warm up, followed by drama games and exercises to promote ensemble development, improvisational skills, vocal and physical expression as well as confidence building. Plus, they’ll be working on some very exciting scripts over the next couple of months! Our 1:1 coaching classes offer students a chance to work with one of our expert teachers on a variety of skills by themselves – from monologues/duologues and poems, to characterisation development and vocal/physical expression.

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Although a lot of our students who have booked into our online classes have come from our original in-person sessions, anyone between the ages of 6-18 years can book onto our online classes from anywhere in the country!

If you haven’t experienced a Big Bold Youth drama class yet, why not give us a call on 01908 086 015 to find out a little more about what we do?

Written by Byron

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