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From the classroom to the stage.

Students get the chance to perform every single term, whether it's a theatre performance or playing a character in a short film.

Young people love to perform. It’s a great way to express yourself and boost self-esteem. That’s why we encourage all our students to get up and perform; however, it’s always a safe environment and if a student would prefer to take it slowly, then our teaching teams will be there to support them.

We also believe in students having the opportunity to share with parents what they have been doing during the term, giving them an experience of adrenaline rush before the performance and a great feeling of satisfaction at the end. All our projects are customised for the students, from adapted scripts to custom written texts based on a student’s ability and experience level. Because of this customised approach, we are able give students the best opportunities in their performance whilst also giving them a chance to grow and learn new skills.

In July, students perform in each school’s End of Year Show which is held at an external venue. This is a chance for them to take all their skills from the year and put them into practice as well as having the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience and on a real stage.

For those who attend our holiday drama workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to perform both during and at the end of the day. Every workshop we run involves a project, however big or small, and a small sharing for family at the end of the session.

★★★★★  Big Bold Youth is the highlight of my son’s week!

“Thursdays are the favourite day of the week in our household!…My son is a happier and more confident person after each session”
Rona Burt

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